Racheal Davidson

Assistant Director of Client Services / Nurse - LPN

Having made it my life’s mission to help others, I am solution-focused in supporting consumers on their unique journeys towards achieving individual wellness goals. Working in human services where it is all about being human in every aspect including having compassion, patience and understanding, I take my role as a facilitator very seriously in order to empower and encourage no matter what the underlying circumstances may be. I know that everyone has the capacity to be great and sustain positive change within themselves, and it is my duty to hold their hand throughout the entire process.
I value being a part of Lehigh Valley Adult Services since it has provided the exposure I needed to fall in love with this field of work. Through the integrative and collaborative atmosphere that is characteristic of our family, we have been able to incorporate innovative treatments and personalized wellness plans which are aimed at bringing out the best in people. By incorporating multicultural concepts into our comprehensive services, we hope to awaken awareness and insights in order to help people regain a positive quality of life.
I enjoy spending time with my children as well as caring for and playing with our rabbits. I am also a gaming enthusiast.