Nicholas Simeone

Behavioral Support Specialist

I live for the moments where I help, support and protect individuals in need. To me, there is no greater career satisfaction that instilling lasting positive change in individuals, especially through trauma forced care.
In my experience, I have come to believe that all human beings are born innocent and good, but our associations and environment can make some pick up bad habits. However, with empathy, compassion and patience, I have learned to be understanding and accommodating. I have learned to produce the best in people, and that, to me, is what therapeutic care is all about.
I operate under the belief that everyone has potential, and with the right care and support, that potential can be achieved. And that´s what I hope to achieve with every individual I take on. This profession has taught me to put my needs aside, to see life from the perspective of my patients and to work through change.
I hold a Bachelor´s degree in Associate in Environmental Science from Berkshire Community College and a Bachelor´s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.
Aside from my professional life, I love to keep active by exercising or playing organized volleyball. In my relaxation time, you´ll find me taking my dog for walks or with my feet up enjoying a delicious beverage.
I´m always looking forward to skiing in winter or golfing in summer.

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