Michael B. Judkins

Behavioral Supports Specialist

I have always enjoyed working with people and solving problems which has proven to be worthwhile in my commitment as a therapist. Through a holistic approach that targets the body, mind and heart, I am adept in helping consumers reach their greatest potential by leveraging techniques that will listen to messages from their bodies thereby promoting balance and wellness. By incorporating new avenues that offer support while cultivating a deeper sense of awareness, joy and healing, my goal is to help enhance their quality of life as individuals, members of the family and the community at large.
To be in a space that feels safe and non-judgmental is integral in any healing process. I specialize in using a collaborative perspective which explores the negative patterns in consumers’ lives even as I provide practices to effectively address the challenges through coping, personal growth and self-care. Working tirelessly with people of all walks, I encourage transparency in every process in order to achieve successful outcomes. The first step towards this is to recognize that there is need to make changes and learning from life every step of the way.
When I am free, I enjoy walking and playing with my dog, writing as well as listening to music.

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