Melissa Moreno

Client Services Coordinator

Telling people that they are more than enough is not sufficient; working directly with them to help them discover their true selves despite the issues they may be facing is how real change can be inspired. Continually motivated by the desire to make people happy and in turn guide them towards seeing their true value, I optimize on transparency, effective communication as well as confidentiality in order to help secure my clients’ trust and belief in the process of walking the steps. As we work together to develop a personalized care plan in order to address personal needs, I seek to inject positivity and great vibes into each session by being present in the moment.
Treating clients with the utmost respect, empathy and professionalism is a way of life for us here at Lehigh Valley Adult Services. We take pride in ensuring exceptional all-inclusive experiences through value addition and targeted approaches as consultants, facilitators, educators, and most of all, friends and family. My experience in the mental health space has helped shed a light on the gaps within the industry, which we hope to bridge through reliable and creative solutions. Nothing is as important to us as the health and wellness of the community hence our desire to make a difference one person at a time.
Whenever I am free, I enjoy spending time with my family and with God.