Emily Gralinski

Occupational Therapist

There is no health without mental health. Unfortunately, it is only in recent years that mental health has been receiving part of the attention it should be afforded.
I choose a career in the mental health space with the intention of bringing life to the mental health dimension of health promotion. My sole purpose is not only to enrich the lives of patients but also to water down the stigma and vagueness that surrounds this important field.
It is my solid belief that regardless of age symptoms, abilities, or state of mental health, everyone is entitled to live as independently as possible. As an occupational therapist, I advocate for and also support my clients in ensuring they can partake in their daily activities. Whether it be gardening, volunteering or simple tasks such as bathing, everyone deserves to live their lives to the fullest.
Today, I complete my tasks fueled by compassion, determination, empathy and creativity. They drive me towards pushing for results, in my patients and with myself. In addition, I am continuously furthering my skill through interaction with fellow professionals and continuous research on client-centered and occupation-based interventions that are specifically tailored to fit each consumer’s needs.
In my free time, you´ll find me enjoying a good book, baking or exploring new running trails.

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