Charlene Simeone

Speech Language Pathologist

In my role as a healthcare provider, my biggest priority is to empower and advocate for all my patients. I recognize the privilege I have as a healthy and independent individual, and I am happy to dedicate my career to serving the populations who can benefit from my skills, time, and services as I strive to offer insightful guidance that will get them on the path to recovery. No matter what the underlying circumstances may be, there is always a solution, and together, we can find it.
I believe that all people are entitled to the best quality of life regardless of their diagnosis and ability levels. I love serving individuals who present with complex and missed diagnoses because everyone deserves a voice and has the potential for change. Irrespective of their expressive and receptive communication output, cognitive level, or physical ability, through aural rehabilitation and particular augmentative and alternative communication systems among other strategies, I endeavor to help enhance their communication abilities and enable them to express themselves effectively and efficiently.
In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my dog, Olive, playing volleyball, and exploring local businesses and attractions.

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