Charleen Gonden

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

True to Maya Angelous’s words, ever since I discovered old medical books and psychoanalysis texts while leafing through my grandparents’ book collection as a young girl, my fascination with the field cemented my resolve to join the profession and make a difference from within. Driven by the hope for a better future and the desire to impact positive change in people’s lives, I enjoy working with individuals who purpose to improve not only their mental health but also the quality of their lives.
Perseverance, honesty and integrity: these are the values that motivate me to collaborate in one-on-one and/or group sessions with my clients in order to discover what is weighing them down and come up with solutions to help combat these negativities. Fostering body, mind and heart balance as well as smooth interactions with their immediate environments is an integral part of the process; one that I intend to ease them into by inspiring trust, providing encouragement and celebrating every accomplishment.
I feel most content when at the beach, listening to the waves crash. While my adventurous side has found joy in mountain biking and snowboarding, I simply enjoy peace and quiet in most days.