Charis Alderfer-Mumma

Art Therapist

Art is a fluid and dynamic mode of expression which engages the entire self from emotions and senses to the physical and spiritual, as well as everything in between. I greatly enjoy bringing the power of the creative arts to the individual and groups that I work alongside, enabling them to wield it in their different levels of expertise from beginner to master since everyone has something to contribute whether they are aware or not. This constantly reminds me of the incredible ability that the arts have in allowing for enhanced communication, connection, and understanding.
I strongly believe that everyone has the right and the need to have their voice heard, even if they feel most comfortable expressing themselves in non-verbal or non-traditional ways. Creative art expression allows for me to listen to and learn about each individual I work with in a way that feels safe and enjoyable to them. It also offers an important space for them to learn about themselves, build upon their strengths, and learn new skills, all by merely challenging them to do more and be more.
When I am not working, I enjoy connecting with nature by way of kayaking or canoeing, hiking with my dogs and family, and camping in quiet secluded places. I also enjoy creating my own artwork including photography, painting, and mixed media collage.

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